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Croatian Zagorje, as it is already well known, except in thermal baths, wellness centres, swimming complexes and numerous recreational facilities, abounds also with plenty of cultural and historical sites, attractive museums and various manifestations through which, in addition to inevitable entertainment content, in a vivid and original way, Zagorje culture, history and tradition is nurtured.

Likewise, the fact that you cannot leave Zagorje neither hungry nor thirsty, has become already a saying, but not without a reason. Zagorje gastro-oeno offer will, in fact, satisfy even the choosiest palate. Among many cottages and restaurants you will surely find at least a few of them that are to your liking. If you want to enjoy traditional local dishes made of homemade foods according to 'old' recipes, or if you are more inclined to the modern cuisine with new technologies used by top world-class Zagorje chefs, or if you want a bit of both – Zagorje has it all. And more than that.

What to visit

To make sure that you, during your visit to this multitude of attractive and diverse contents that our 'Fairytale at hand' has to offer, don’t miss the most interesting ones, we prepared for you the theme route 'Best of Zagorje'. Let's go then! Let's make a 'round' through Zagorje together

Let's start from the Castle Veliki Tabor, which will surely leave you breathless, and then, on the way to the world-famous Museum of Krapina Neanderthal, be sure to visit also the Museum 'Dr. Zlatko Dragutin Tudjina' in Pregrada. Before you leave Zagorje capital and go to the Radoboj Museum Radboa, don't bypass the Krapina Museum of old-timers. The National Shrine of Majka Božja Bistrička (God’s Mother of Bistrica) has been an unavoidable destination for pilgrims for centuries, and the events from almost half a millennium ago are witnessed by the Castle Oršić – the Museum of Peasant’s revolts in Gornja Stubica. On the way to Kumrovec, where the Museum Staro selo (Old Village) will take you back in the childhood times of our great-grandparents, make sure to visit also the Castle Mihanović in Tuheljske Toplice as well as two galleries of the famous Croatian sculptor in Klanjec: Gallery and Studio Gallery of Antun Augustinčić.


Where to eat

Since you will need few days for the proper tour of our 'Best of Zagorje' route, you will also need few breakfasts, lunches and dinners. But don't worry. You do not need to carry with you any sandwiches or energy bars.

Right at the foot of the Castle Veliki Tabor you can enjoy excellent traditional delicacies of the Cottage Grešna Gorica, and on the way to Krapina make sure you stop at Vuglec breg, where, besides the local cuisine, you have the opportunity to taste also numerous award-winning wines and champagnes. When you pass through Sveti Križ Začretje, in Cottage Kozjak or in Stara škola (Old school) in Mirkovec you will find a truly great choice of carefully prepared dishes, just as in the Marija Bistrica area, where homemade Zagorje delicacies and wines await you in OPG (family farm) Matoš and Winery Micak. If, however, you want to taste Zagorje cuisine in our national shrine in a more modern fashion, the luxuriously decorated Restaurant Academia of the Bluesan hotel Kaj is the right place for you.

In Stubica area there are even four gastro-locations, which will also surprise you, each in its own way. In Gornja Stubica those are the Restaurant Rody and the Cottage Lojzekova hiža (Lojzek's house), in Donja Stubica Majsecov mlin (Majsec's mill), and in Stubičke Toplice the Temple bar. In Tuheljske Toplice the Restaurant Castle Mihanović will bring you back to gastronomic times of counts and knights, and on the way to Kumrovec the generations of visitors do not bypass the local cuisine of the Villa Zelenjak in Risvica. Also, nearby Kumrovec the traditional delicacies of the Rural-tourism Šumak in Miljana near Zagorska Sela await you.    


Where to stay

You must have already convinced yourself that Zagorje offers too much of the things you cannot miss, and that it is impossible to visit them even in one week, let alone one day. But don't worry, our laborious tourist operators secured for you enough accommodation facilities of all kind, from top and newly decorated four-star hotels like Hotel Well in Thermae Tuhelj, Bluesan hotel Kaj in Marija Bistrica and Hotel Villa Magdalena in Krapinske Toplice, as well as attractive and modern equipped accommodations decorated in Zagorje rustic style with special atmosphere, such as accommodation capacities on Vuglec breg (Vuglec hill), in Villa Zelenjak Ventek, Excursion site Stara škola (Old school), in Cottage Kozjak, Pension Rody, in Cottage Lojzekova hiža (Lojzek's house) or in Rural-tourism Šumak.

Depending on your needs or location where you want to spend the night, Zagorje really offers a large number of hotels of different categories, which are very affordable, and with their decoration, service and offer at a very high level. You will choose Hotel Terme Jezerčica, Hotel Matija Gubec or Hotel & Restaurant Puntar if you prefer to spend the night in the Stubica area, and if you want to spend the night on Sljeme, we recommend Tourist apartments 'Snježna kraljica' (Snow queen). In Oroslavje you are expected in the Hotel & Pension Zagi, and in Veliko Trgovišće in Hotel & Restaurant 'SE-MI'. Apart from already mentioned Villa Magdalena, in Krapinske Toplice you can choose and spend the night in the famous Toplice hotel, located in the very centre of the town.

To the younger population, the numerous Zagorje hostels, which are also decorated and equipped in a truly modern way, will certainly be more interesting, but also more affordable. In Krapina there are even three hostels, whose quality has been confirmed by many domestic and foreign guests, Hostel Barrock, Hostel Poslon and Hostel Jedvaj. In Sveti Križ Začretje, on the main central square, the newly decorated Hostel Ciglini dvori is situated, in Thermae Tuhelj the Hostel Vila awaits you, and not far from the largest ethno-village in Croatia you can spend the night in Hostel Kumrovec.

The choice is, you will agree, truly great. And to paraphrase various funny advertisements, we will conclude with the buzzword: „It's up to you to rest – everything else is our concern!“


Don't miss

So full and quenched, stop periodically on your way, relax and visit at least some of the many attractions that will further demonstrate to you why Zagorje truly is the 'Fairytale at hand'.

In Pregrada visit Lenart's Stairs and the Fortress Kostel grad, in Krapina the Old town and the Finding site Hušnjakovo, and you can take a look at the informative attraction 'The Paths of Neanderthal' in the nearby Jesenje. For those who, next to education, also want some physical activity, the Informative mountain road The Paths of Orchids in Radoboj is the recommended choice.

In Vrankovec you can get all tourist information about Zagorje in the main Visitor Centre Sveti Križ Začretje, and in Marija Bistrica, besides the Visitor Centre, do not miss to visit the Sculpture Park and the attractive Zvonosvir. Rudolf Perešin Memorial Park in Gornja Stubica is a newer attraction, but in Stubica area don’t bypass the Gubec's lime tree, Matija Gubec's House and the Living archive of Gubec's lime tree. In Donja Stubica the Croatian Iris Garden and the Labyrinth City are also worth visiting.

In Stubičke Toplice there are also several natural and historical sites worth seeing, specially the Historical informational path Kamenjak, the Oak 'Galežnjak', the Informational recreation path Kapelščak, Horvat's stairs and the Old yew at Horvat's stairs. On your 'round' through Zagorje visit also the birth house of the first Croatian president Dr. Franjo Tuđman in Veliko Trgovišće, the Monument to the Croatian anthem Lijepa naša in Risvica, as well as Cesargrad above Klanjec.


In any case, there is a long and interesting road through Zagorje history, tradition, culture, gastronomy and oenology ahead of you, but, besides that, on the route 'Best of Zagorje' you will surely not lack fun, recreation, enjoyment in beautiful nature and views from numerous Zagorje viewpoints. Enjoy and welcome!