In Pregrada visit Lenart's Stairs and the Fortress Kostel grad, in Krapina the Old town and the Finding site Hušnjakovo, and you can take a look at the informative attraction 'The Paths of Neanderthal' in the nearby Jesenje. For those who, next to education, also want some physical activity, the Informative mountain road The Paths of Orchids in Radoboj is the recommended choice.

In Vrankovec you can get all tourist information about Zagorje in the main Visitor Centre Sveti Križ Začretje, and in Marija Bistrica, besides the Visitor Centre, do not miss to visit the Sculpture Park and the attractive Zvonosvir. Rudolf Perešin Memorial Park in Gornja Stubica is a newer attraction, but in Stubica area don’t bypass the Gubec's lime tree, Matija Gubec's House and the Living archive of Gubec's lime tree. In Donja Stubica the Croatian Iris Garden and the Labyrinth City are also worth visiting.

In Stubičke Toplice there are also several natural and historical sites worth seeing, specially the Historical informational path Kamenjak, the Oak 'Galežnjak', the Informational recreation path Kapelščak, Horvat's stairs and the Old yew at Horvat's stairs. On your 'round' through Zagorje visit also the birth house of the first Croatian president Dr. Franjo Tuđman in Veliko Trgovišće, the Monument to the Croatian anthem Lijepa naša in Risvica, as well as Cesargrad above Klanjec.