Let's start from the Castle Veliki Tabor, which will surely leave you breathless, and then, on the way to the world-famous Museum of Krapina Neanderthal, be sure to visit also the Museum 'Dr. Zlatko Dragutin Tudjina' in Pregrada. Before you leave Zagorje capital and go to the Radoboj Museum Radboa, don't bypass the Krapina Museum of old-timers. The National Shrine of Majka Božja Bistrička (God’s Mother of Bistrica) has been an unavoidable destination for pilgrims for centuries, and the events from almost half a millennium ago are witnessed by the Castle Oršić – the Museum of Peasant’s revolts in Gornja Stubica. On the way to Kumrovec, where the Museum Staro selo (Old Village) will take you back in the childhood times of our great-grandparents, make sure to visit also the Castle Mihanović in Tuheljske Toplice as well as two galleries of the famous Croatian sculptor in Klanjec: Gallery and Studio Gallery of Antun Augustinčić.