Right at the foot of the Castle Veliki Tabor you can enjoy excellent traditional delicacies of the Cottage Grešna Gorica, and on the way to Krapina make sure you stop at Vuglec breg, where, besides the local cuisine, you have the opportunity to taste also numerous award-winning wines and champagnes. When you pass through Sveti Križ Začretje, in Cottage Kozjak or in Stara škola (Old school) in Mirkovec you will find a truly great choice of carefully prepared dishes, just as in the Marija Bistrica area, where homemade Zagorje delicacies and wines await you in OPG (family farm) Matoš and Winery Micak. If, however, you want to taste Zagorje cuisine in our national shrine in a more modern fashion, the luxuriously decorated Restaurant Academia of the Bluesan hotel Kaj is the right place for you.

In Stubica area there are even four gastro-locations, which will also surprise you, each in its own way. In Gornja Stubica those are the Restaurant Rody and the Cottage Lojzekova hiža (Lojzek's house), in Donja Stubica Majsecov mlin (Majsec's mill), and in Stubičke Toplice the Temple bar. In Tuheljske Toplice the Restaurant Castle Mihanović will bring you back to gastronomic times of counts and knights, and on the way to Kumrovec the generations of visitors do not bypass the local cuisine of the Villa Zelenjak in Risvica. Also, nearby Kumrovec the traditional delicacies of the Rural-tourism Šumak in Miljana near Zagorska Sela await you.