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When vacation turns into a fairy tale

Looking for an ideal vacation, you’ve visited many places. One impressed you with beautiful vistas and nature that surrounds them, the other thrilled you with cultural and historical sights, and in the third one you fell in love with warm-hearted hosts, their legends and stories… Each place had something special and it was special. And then you came to Zagorje, climbed the wine road to one of the many green hills and looked around you.

Beautiful! This is really like in a fairy tale. Here is everything, that every real fairy tale must have – forests, castles and manors, museums, thermal springs, churches, trails, vineyards and wine roads, delicious food, nice people, stories, legends and “popevke” (traditional songs).

Region that wrote the history

If there were no people living here, Zagorje would consist only of fairytale hills. There would be no story. And people like to tell stories, create experiences… Write history. And then store all that history in museums and castles to leave trace for those who are yet to come. Therefore, if you are interested in what Zagorje is known for, go to one, or even better, all Zagorje museums and castles, and find out everything you are interested in. Instead of entering the time machine, enter them!


Region of active vacation

You chose Zagorje for an active vacation. You weren´t wrong. Actually, you’ve made the best possible decision, because Zagorje can offer you something you will hardly find in another place. Whatever type of active vacation you choose, you will be more than happy. Tired, but rested. And ready to come back and do it all over again.


Region of thermal springs

You came to Zagorje for a couple of days to rest, relax, have fun and escape the stressful everyday life. Clearly, you will go to the spa. But which one? How can you decide when all of them are so well equipped, have thermal water, modern water parks, water slides, waves? If anything can be called a sweet concern, then that is choosing the spa in Zagorje. Aquae Vivae, Terme Tuhelj, Wellness & Spa Center Jezerčica, Hotel Matija Gubec… We suggest you to find your favorite spa and surrender to the comforts they provide. And the next time, you might choose another one as your favorite, why not?


Region of gastro delicacies

Even though green hills are still the first image we picture when mentioning Zagorje, there are more and more people visiting Zagorje to experience and live through the unique gastronomic journey through the aromas and flavors of traditional and local Zagorje cuisine that offers primarily the most famous Zagorje dishes – Zagorje “mlinci” (flatbread) with Zagorje turkey and Zagorje “štrukli” (pastry filled with cottage cheese and sour cream). The atmosphere of the traditional Zagorje “hiža” (house), farmhouse or tastefully decorated restaurant will round up the story to make the gastronomic experience complete. Therefore, if you are looking for gastro delicacies, you are in the right place!


Region of top quality wines

The story of relationship between Zagorje and wine should be started with old Krapina’s Belina, one of the oldest varieties in the world and ancestor of numerous today’s varieties without which the current oenological scene could hardly be imagined. Furthermore when such a mythical variety chooses Zagorje as the only place where it still intends to grow and prosper, it becomes quite clear that there is a special, indefinite connection between wine and fertile Zagorje soil, ultimately crowned with numerous medals at world wine fairs. However, in order to avoid too much talk, come visit in Zagorje and you won’t regret it for sure.