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Region of top quality wines

The story of relationship between Zagorje and wine should be started with old Krapina’s Belina, one of the oldest varieties in the world and the ancestor of many of today’s varieties without which the current oenological scene could hardly be imagined. Especially when such a mythical variety chooses Zagorje as the only place where it still intends to grow and prosper, it becomes quite clear that there is some special, indefinite connection between wine and fertile Zagorje land, which is ultimately crowned with numerous medals at world wine fairs. However, in order to avoid too much talk, come to us in Zagorje and you won’t regret it for sure.

Winery Sever

Kumrovečka 4, 49290 Klanjec

Winery Prekratić

Dugnjevec 13, Kumrovec

Winery Zdolc

Vojsak 1/5, Pregrada

Winery Bodren

Rusnica 64, 49231 Hum na Sutli

Winery Petrač

Hršak Breg, 49217 Krapinske Toplice

Winery Kopjar

Pece 112, Budinščina